Virtual Careers Ref Magnets

We were asked to submit sample ref magnets layout for Jomar Hilario Virtual Careers and here’s some of mine. Used Canva and Pixelbay.

Time’s Up!

My EDS103 Finals e-Journal Time’s up! Today is my last training day in Vietnam. While waiting for the trainees to submit their report, I am writing mine. Our training is from 9 am to 4 pm from Mondays to Fridays.  After my class, I will go straight to the airport to catch my midnight flight to Manila….

Why Assess?

My EDS113 Module 4 e-Journal I was given a Phase 2 IE Training in Ho Chi Minh City which means the class already did Phase 1. Phase 1 Training consisted of theory, computation, and application of Industrial Engineering in the apparel industry. The class was concluded with a summative assessment at the end and those who…