Time’s Up!


My EDS103 Finals e-Journal

Time’s up! Today is my last training day in Vietnam. While waiting for the trainees to submit their report, I am writing mine. Our training is from 9 am to 4 pm from Mondays to Fridays.  After my class, I will go straight to the airport to catch my midnight flight to Manila. Today my target is to finish all my e-journals to focus on the Finals tomorrow.

Honestly? I think I could have done better. I learned how divided attention could affect my output in this course because I lack the focus. I have struggled to finish because I am on a business trip 90% of the time. I even considered dropping the subject but my team mates encouraged me to continue on. Thank God for group work!

My Final Exam is still a work-in-progress but I decided to write the e-journal first anyway. I wanted to finalize my exam tomorrow when my mind is free from any worries. That way, I can submit quality work, hopefully. I have attempted to start it ahed of schedule but my brain is not working, maybe because of excitement of going home after spending 5 weeks in Vietnam and because of homesickness as well.

I learned valuable lessons in Theories of Learning because of the many interesting resources and topics, class discussion and yes, YouTube Videos and Ted Talks.  A 3-page final exam could not contain what I learned in this course but I made an effort to read all the resources, not because it is required but more of curiosity. I can also use the lessons here both personally and professionally e.g. primacy-recency effect, scaffolding to name a few. I am also encouraged to practice brain training so I can improve my memory.

Finally, thanks to my favorite teacher and my fellow classmates who joined me in this journey.

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