My Epistemological Belief about Teaching


My EDS103 e-Journal about  Epistemology best-teacher-clipart-1

Growing up, my epistemological belief about teaching is that it is an easy profession and an easy course that anyone can take up in college. The difficult ones should be in the field of engineering, sciences, astronomy etc. Our teachers check attendance, have a ready lesson plan, give tests and quizzes and always come prepared in class and to my mind, the primary mission is to only make the life of students miserable 🙂

Instead, I took up engineering because I love math. Math has exact answers. You can either be right or wrong. Scores are definite, unlike writing essays, where points will be given based on content, construction, and grammar. My belief that engineering course is difficult was justified because I experienced 48hours without sleep for one project and need to study really really hard.

Then came PTC. I took up this course so I can pick up teaching strategies and methods that I can use in homeschooling my son. I took 2 subjects which are Basic Guidance and Special Education as starters while still working full-time in China and I can say that, it is far from easy. I am not sure if it is harder to study because of age or because of the distractions and responsibilities when you are already in your fortyish age.

Now, my epistemological belief of the teaching profession has gone a complete turnaround. I respected my teachers before but I respect them more now. I now understand what a teacher needs to learn and process that need to go through to become professional teachers.

I also believe now that teaching is a top profession. Those who dare to enter this field need dedication, commitment, compassion, endless patience and as my teacher puts it, one with a “happy heart”.

Image Source: World’s Best Teacher



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