Fish is Fish


My EDS103 Module 7 Journal

“Frogs are frogs and fish is fish and that’s that!” said the frog to the fish in Leo Lionni’s book. I just love this story! This represented successful learning through experience. The fish learned many things in this story:

Not all creatures that swim are fish
This is an example of disequilibrium. When the frog suddenly grew its feet, the fish was astonished because all along the fish knew that the tadpole is also a fish. This also shows that his knowledge about the frog is not a justified truth.

Perception guides are actions
The wrong perception of the fish that he can do what a frog does lead the fish to also explore the world like the latter not knowing that he doesn’t have the physical capabilities to do so.

Fish can’t be frogs
After a near death experience, the fish finally learned the hard way that frogs are frogs and fish is fish. The fish was able to construct knowledge by experiencing the real world.

Acceptance of how things are
After successful learning, the fish gained self-efficacy that even though he is a fish, he can still explore many things in his world.

Modeling was also exhibited here by the fish. The frog has been his role model because of his greatest achievement of exploring the world outside the ocean.

I also learned from my classmates thru student initiated discussions, how different people have viewed this story in different perspectives.

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