Believe in Yourself

Believe inY-5

My EDS103 Module 4 e-Journal

Self-efficacy or believing in one’s self is important in distance learning because support and motivation in distance learning are not immediate. So one must thrive and believe that thru reading and studying, you can make it on your own. Although support from the Faculty in Charge or fellow classmates is available, it is not real-time, meaning, you have to wait for them to get online before you’ll have your answers.

In a traditional classroom setting, when someone has a question in mind, we just need to raise a hand and the teacher will give us timely answers or advice. If the teacher is not around, we can ask our peers and get answers at once. Those with high self-efficacy can motivate and help those with a weak sense of self-efficacy.

Discipline and commitment are also essential in distance learning. There are a lot of distractions when studying at home or while on business trip. At home, there’s television, or your family and friends, and mobile devices that can eat up your time.

Good planning or time management will help to schedule your time. I used Trello app to manage mine. When I see green, that means I am still on schedule, but when I see more reds, that means I am lagging behind as shown in my below schedule.

I like that study resources were posted in advance and have dates on them, target dates and deliverables. If I lag behind, it’s on me. It is like in drive reduction theory and law and effect, one is motivated to fulfill or achieve something, which in this case is to finish this course on time and submit quality work.



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