Don't complicate your mind.-2EDS103 Module 3 e-Journal

In this Module, what I remembered is the Albert experiment and the skinner box. These experiments were done to observe behavior under a controlled condition. My heart goes out to Albert who have been subjected to such experiment. I hope that he was not traumatized during that experiment. The outcome of these experiments have helped psychologists understand how an individual will respond in certain situations.

I also learned that between rewards and punishment, rewards give a better outcome but reinforcement will not work continuously, so having a scheduled reinforcement is recommended. Operant conditioning have been used as a tool in learning, teaching and instructional design. Teachers create curriculum that will produce expected responses or outcome from students.

An effective teacher will create a positive learning environment to encourage learning, mutual respect, collaboration, teamwork and critical thinking.  Classroom environment should not be a reason why a student would not want to go to school.  The teacher should reinforce positive behaviors and also be on a look out for misbehaviors. The teacher can check the underlying reasons of the behavior to address it properly.


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