He Who Teaches Learns


EDS103 Module 1 e-Journal

As a trainer and future educator, I am interested in how people learn. This will give me great insights on ways to tap students potential and how effective I can be as a teacher. I would like to be able to guide students, motivate them and encourage them so that learning can be both meaningful and fun.

As a student, I have my ways of acquiring knowledge and processing them. During examination period, I would usually create a one page handwritten reviewer using the littlest font that I could write to squeeze all the important information I need to memorize.  The second practice that works for me is thru recording myself as I read the lesson, asking question and giving a little pause for answer, followed by the correct answer to the question. I would then listen to my recorded voice using my old “Walkman’s” headset, specially when the noise outside the dorm is unbearable.

Thanks to technology, I can still listen to the lessons, but with the help of a gadget like an iPad. I noticed though that I still need to focus on what is being said, otherwise, the sound is also like a noise that fades away and have little memory retention or none at all.     Comparing reading vs. listening, I understand it better when I read the texts.

In Module 1 Lesson,  I believe that nature and nurture both play an important role in the learning process. I also learned that change in an individual were both an outcome of learning thru experience and maturation. Formal schooling helped me learn and persevere both mentally and socially but I also learned a lot from experience. Thru experience, practice and actual application, lessons are more memorable.

I am really excited to know more about learning and I hope that I can finish the course and really LEARN all that there is to learn.


He Who Teaches Learns

Module 1 References

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