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My EDS113 Final e-Journal Entry

What am I taking home from this course?
How have my views changed?
Have I been moved into action?

I wanted to write all the learnings in EDS113 but it won’t fit here so I just put it all together in one poster, it may not be complete but these are the memorable ones for me.

Before taking up this course, I didn’t know how a lot of work were put in the assessment process. I have learned how assessment should be aligned with learning objectives, why assessment need to be valid and reliable, how to gather evidence, how to measure assessment and a lot of other things.

I will definitely make use of Rubrics and Table of Specifications because I think these are effective tools in aligning assessment with specific learning outcomes. I also want my students to develop creative, cognitive and metacognitive thinking skills by carefully planning and designing assessment. Bloom’s Taxonomy will assist and guide me in writing the learning goals and objectives.

Another lesson that really inspired me is the Benefits of Failure. I am excited to share the growth mindset concept not only to my students but to other people as well.  Timely and effective feedback can also help motivate students to keep going.

Who could miss the Plan, Do, Check, Act in the assessment cycle? This is not only applicable in assessment but also in our everyday lives. We have to plan, make it work, check the strengths and weaknesses, reflect, review and revise as needed or completely discard the plan and make a new one.

As a future professional teacher, I believe we can benefit in employing both traditional and non-traditional assessment. I am confident that I can put into practice the learnings here both personally and professionally. Congratulations to all!

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  1. jcortega1 says:

    Nice compilations of thoughts Noemie!I have the same expectations as yours, to use these as guide when I become a teacher.
    Congratulations for finishing this course.

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