The Power of Yet


My EDS113 Module 6 e-Journal

The Power of Believing that You Can Improve is the heart of the TED talk of Dr.Carol Dweck that using the work “yet” will inspire students to keep moving rather than feel sorry for themselves. Having a growth mindset helps in overcoming difficulties and face challenges that they can learn from. Although the Benefits of Failure is just a supplement resource, I have been inspired by the reading materials and how a growth mindset sees mistakes as opportunities to learn.

In this module, I have learned how assessment planning and construction should be created and developed and why reporting and feedback are essential in the assessment process.

New learnings are the guidelines for making Table of Specifications, Rubrics and Test creation and why we need to use them. It increases the validity and reliability of assessment. Planning and Review will consume a great deal of time but once set up and standardized, grading and scoring will be more objective, aligned with the learning outcomes and will also help teachers score or grade in lesser time. I also learned why the raw scores are not used in the final grade but the scaled scores to make the comparison of grades more meaningful.

I also learned that for an assessment to be effective, it has to be valid and reliable, transparent, objective, fair, manageable and aligned with the learning goals and objectives. I also learned the different types of feedback, how to feedback and when.

This module has a lot of new information for me and I am positive that the learnings here were very much applicable and hopefully I can use them when I am finally a teaching professional.

In my line of work, we have a scoring guideline on how to score the exam papers of the trainees but it is in paragraph form. I think I can do a rubric to make it easier to read and understand. It is also the practice of one of our Training Manager to ask the trainees of something that is not yet covered in the lecture, just to check if they are reading the Training Manual in advance. I will share with him what I have learned. Only assess what has been taught. An organizational change and training procedure is happening now in our company and we are encouraged to feedback any strengths or weaknesses of the change.This will be an opportunity for me to use feedback in improving our training process and documentation.

I am still excited to learn more, I hope you are too! 🙂


UP Open University, 1 EDS 113 Module 6 2017 Assessment Planning, Reporting, Feedback.pdf

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