Second Chances


Module 3 – On Assessment Purposes and Alignment

I am acrophobic and yet in my new job, traveling is a requirement. Although I can request my hotel room to be on lower floors, I simply cannot choose especially if it is not available. Clients offices could be on the top floors as well.  I just say to myself “lose the fear?” or “lose the job!”. When inside a plane, I am assessing myself if I am still scared with turbulence but who’s not?

Anyway, I am trying to align my thinking so I can get started. In my two previous projects, the training assessment went well. Everyone passed the examination with flying colors. All who passed will receive a license card and a certificate with their name on it and is recognized globally. I am proud that the training produced competent licensed practitioners. Basically, this is an example of assessment OF learning.

Only on my third project, I have asked the class if they want their training manuals in their local language which is Bahasa but the class chose English versions. During the class, if there are some clarifications or questions raised, I explain again, give more examples and made sure that the explanation was translated so they hear both English and Bahasa.

Before the final exam, a mock exam was given to gauge whether the class is ready and have a full grasp of the course. Since they were not yet ready judging from the result of the mock exam, the final exam was rescheduled the following week. As we go through the training, I occasionally write down notes that I can incorporate into my next project which is a form of assessment FOR learning.Every training is different so I need to recalibrate my teaching strategy, update my Powerpoint Presentation, add what works and eliminate the unnecessary tasks.

Exam day, I am as nervous as they are but with high hopes that everyone will pass. I have one student who failed both theory and practical exam. A re-sit is allowed using another set of exam papers but final grade will be at 75% regardless if the student get a higher mark on the 2nd take. Lo and behold, the student failed again. I am ready to give her a failing mark but my superior asked me to give it another chance. It is not a normal practice but since training cost is high and we still have three weeks to study the software and do guided application, why not. This time she passed.

I learned later that one of her family was hospitalized and was not able to study prior to the exam and on top of that, during the training, she was pulled out three times to attend to some production problems.  I still believe that our forms of assessment were still aligned with our learning objectives and sometimes, one just need a second chance or should I say third chance.



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