Teaching Perspectives Inventory

Module 4 eJournal: TPI Result

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My TPI result shows Transmission and Apprenticeship as my dominant teaching perspectives. I do not have professional teaching experience, although I homeschooled my son, I chose my target students in my new job as a Training and Productivity Consultant. The course is intended for adult learners in a garment manufacturing sector. Industrial Engineers will be the primary users but support teams can also join the training like mechanics, quality controller, managers etc. As a trainer, I need to follow a Training Manual with technical content.

First week will cover Introduction and History of Motion and Time Systems, Codes and Application, Methods and Improvement and an exam at the end of the week. Those who passed can join the second week of training which will cover software training on how to use the system software, installation of database and company library buildup. Third and fourth week will be guided application where practitioners will be in the production floor applying what they learned in actual and gaining confidence to use the system.  After the month long training, I just need to follow up how the practitioners are doing thru emails or Skype. The key performance indicator would be if the practitioner were able to use the system codes and software competently and if there are quantifiable methods improvement as a result of using the system.

The objective of my job was summarized in Daniel Pratt’s Good Teaching: One Size Fits All? page 3;

“From the Transmission Perspective, effective teaching starts with a substantial commitment to the content or subject matter. It is essential, therefore, for Transmission-oriented teachers to have mastery over their content. 

From the Transmission Perspective learners are expected to learn the content in its authorized or legitimate forms and teachers are expected to take learners systematically through a set of tasks that lead to mastery of the content. To do this teachers must provide clear objectives, well-organized lectures, beginning with the fundamentals, adjust the pace of lecturing, make efficient use of class time, clarify misunderstandings, answer questions, correct errors, provide reviews, summarize what has been presented, direct students to appropriate resources, set high standards for achievement and develop objective means of assessing learning.”

Since the nature of the job is only to equip and enable the practitioners on how to use the system, I believe my TPI result is aligned with my goal. If I would choose another audience like my son as a student, I would guess that I would be leaning on the developmental and nurturing type.

Overall, I hope that my teaching perspective and teaching strategy will help and enable the learners and I am open to change my perspective along the way as long as it will benefit my students.


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