Newbie eJournal

Hi Everyone! Thank you for visiting my site. I am Noemi Echague, an Industrial Engineer by profession and currently working here in Hangzhou City, China. My husband together with my 6-year old son lives with me. We started homeschooling my son 2years ago using the Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) Curriculum. Working by day, teaching at night and last 3months studying after my son slept until dawn. The high cost of education led us to reconsider going back home. We will stay here in China until mid June this year. I started working in China since 2005 so I am really looking forward to staying in Philippines for good. #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines.

As a requirement of our EDS111 Principles of Teaching subject, I am writing this journal primarily to pass ^-^ but I also welcome the learning that comes with it. This is my first attempt at blogging and I hope I can learn the ins and outs and hopefully share my ideas and experiences as we begin our journey together.

The first challenge that I encountered was when I tried to post in the introduction forum. My family was in Philippines for 2 weeks to participate in the historical Presidential Election. Since it was election week, the internet connection speed has been at its slowest. I tried posting together with the photo attachment but this is the time when you just clicked the post button without the attachment. So I tried to edit and post again because we have 30minutes to edit it but the time is just not on my side. Due to low connection speed, it took me 2 hours to post the photo separately.

During my first term, I was in Hangzhou China the whole time. China is known for blocking everything including but not limited  to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. I asked our MIS support because while I can access the UPOU student portal, I cannot access the MyPortal page. I can access it in my mobile using Psiphon App but I need to access it on my laptop as well. I was advised to drop my subjects. I tried to buy VPN to access the blocked sites and it worked! Unfortunately it costed me $15/3months. After I finished my 2 subjects, only then that I discovered that I can also access the blocked sites for FREE using Freegate. Can you say that again? Well, lesson learned.

How about you? Which one will you prefer?

Philippines: Slow internet speed with unlimited access to websites


China: Fast internet speed with blocked websites

Can’t we have BOTH? 🙂








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